About Us

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About Us

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Unique Products

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Depot Locations

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Capital Fisheries DRC SARL (“CFC”) was established in November 2021 as a leading supplier of quality, affordable protein to the DRC market.

The company operates from its Headquarters at No. 8443 Avenue Kimbangu, Quartier Industriel, Commune de Kampemba, Lubumbashi with current capacity to store 100 tons of frozen products, with plans to commence the production of various sausage products for distribution into the local market and to grow its distribution and cold storage base throughout Haut Katanga province as well as other strategic locations within DRC.

CFC is a subsidiary company of Capital fisheries Limited Zambia, a regional market leader in the processing, storage and distribution of a wide range of quality food products. In establishing it’s DRC subsidiary Capital fisheries Zambia recognised the importance of local partnership, with 20% of its equity capital being held by Strategic Congolese partners.

With access to a well established supply chain and logistics infrastructure from its holding company combined with a strong network and understanding of the local market that is offered by its local strategic equity partner, CFC is well positioned to be able to meet the needs of all stakeholders, including suppliers, customers, financiers, employees and shareholders.

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Our Mission

At Capital Fisheries, we are dedicated to ensuring a positive impact on our society while striving towards our goals. While maintaining a high standard of quality we constantly strive to implement the critical plans to achieve our vision of being the leading cold chain distributor within the Southern region of Africa.

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Quality Fish Products

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Quality Beef Products

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Quality Pork Products

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Quality Chicken Products

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All our services are handled by skilled workers who have ample knowledge in their respective fields. We take extra care in insuring proper execution of the services to the convenience of our customers.

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