Our CSR Programme

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Our CSR Programmee

Giving back to the community

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Our CSR Programme


Capital Fisheries strives to be a company that the community wants to exist.

Through our diverse array of products at affordable prices all over the country we have created jobs and continue to have a positive impact on the society. Ever since inception we have been giving back to the community in the form of:

  • Donations to schools
  • Donations to churches
  • Sponsoring charity events
  • Sponsoring youth and sports events
  • Promoting gender development by increased hiring of women
  • Developing fish farms with local fish farmers in the country to help sustainability.
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We know we can do more good through partnerships than we ever could on our own, which is why we turn to our stakeholders, and listen to their ideas, concerns and perspectives. We have ongoing relationships with community leaders, government agencies and non-governmental organizations that help us understand the most pressing issues facing our communities.

At Capital Fisheries we aim for our company to be a great place to work for our employees. “The Capital Fisheries Values” are based upon a number of important principles and capture qualities that each employee is encouraged to embody as an essential part of our success. These include:

• Expertise, • Assure quality and drive innovation, • Listen to learn from each other – champion continuous improvement, • Be accountable – keep commitments, • Customer Focus, • Share our vision; share our passion, • Strive for our customers’ profitability and satisfaction, • Respect, • Think and act as a team

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“We are excited about the progress that we have made over the past few years as we have sharpened our focus on sustainability. While we are pleased with our accomplishments, we recognize this is the beginning of a journey. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with our stakeholders and implementing new initiatives to further our progress to drive social responsibility”

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